Why are you always losing at online casino? (Part 1)

By | November 28, 2019

When you start your first losing streak in an online casino game and then in a series of losing streaks, have you ever asked yourself the question of why are you always losing? Or do you think you’re in bad luck or you’re unlucky and just wait until the bad luck is over and you’ll keep winning again.

However, that is not really the case, here are some reasons why why when you gamble in online casino always lose!

There are some of the best Malaysia online casinos at which you are very smart, have an excellent calculation mind and always win in all online casino games. Most of the other reputable online casino players always lose, why we always lose is because we do not have a reasonable strategy and calculation when participating in betting, often we only play bet on emotions, and especially when playing online casinos.

I have seen many cases when participating in online casino gambling, after constantly losing bets, they will often be very angry, more and more want to get back the money they lost. And the more you fight, the more you lose. They no longer have the calculation of the bet, they bet indiscriminately, bad luck, and often more bad luck. Because then they got bogged down in the trap the house set up.

Keep your mental status stable

Be aware that in betting in online casino play, the deciding factor here is not winning or losing, but that you can keep a balance between winning and losing games. It is important that you maintain a stable mentality, must know how to allocate properly when starting to bet.

Do not try too hard when the card that day you are too black, find it too difficult, skip it, to restore the psychological stability and implement the plan that you have set before you start playing cards in reputable casino.