What types of online bettors are you?

By | August 30, 2019

With the rise of laptops, tables, and smartphones, online gambling has become more and more popular allowing bettors to play their favorite casino game wherever and whenever. The options are endless and anything, e-Gamers has its “player types” depending on each person’s characteristic. Players can be divided into 7 categories, read on to learn more about them and see which type you see that most.

1. Free Players

They are online gamblers who simply play for free and fun rather than winning any real money. They stick to demos, avoid any possible risk and never deposits any money.

2. VIP Player

This gambler is the one who is in for the rewards. They will deposit large amounts of cash to take advantage of promotions as well as wager in order to climb the reward ladder and earn more incentives and casino bonuses.

3. The Escapist

This players are those who play to escape from stressful reality in everyday life, to feel an emotional release in an unreal world.

4. Social Gamer

This category are online gamblers who play game to make friends. They interested in gaming sites, such as online bingo rooms that offer chat feature where they can socialize while hopefully earning a cash prize.

5. Professionals

A professional gambler considers themselves an expert who use online gaming as a way to make profit for living. They have a lot of experience and skills, seeking ways to claim the ladder and never letting their emotions get in the way of their decision-making process.

6. Slot Lovers

Basically, slot lovers are those who love to play online slot games rather than anything else. Slot lovers have their favorite titles and will participate in tournaments on a regular basis, keeping track of the latest slot game available, and always trying out the new titles as they are releases.

7. Compulsive

A compulsive player usually make a decision based on emotion rather than experience; thus, they usually make poor decision that can lead to big loss. This type of online player is unpredictable and you should really try to avoid.