What Slot Games Can Teach You About Risk Management (Part 2)

By | January 21, 2020

Protecting capital

Ask any investor what the golden rule of investment is and they will reply firmly: “protect capital”. While it doesn’t mean you should risk only money you can afford to lose, a true master of business investment/ as well as slot play will do everything in their power to avoid it from happening.

The best way to do this is to limit yourself to picking fights you’re confident of the winning chances. This means investing in only those opportunities (or games) that you feel truly comfortable with and having experience to master. Of course, nobody wins all the time but if you can manage to keep your failure proposition down to 10-20% of your bankroll at the highest then it will increase your chances of being a long-term winner.


Whether its personal money, client equity or a departmental budget, allocating money can be extremely stressful. If you can not channel the visceral thrill that comes with it and use it to spur you on then you’ll probably be in a very bad place. If, however, you find yourself feeling more anxious rather than excited, then you might need to have a serious reconsideration. Since, if there’s one thing every single successful slot player in the world understands, it would be: if it’s no longer fun then it’s time to leave.

In a nutshell, most important thing about gambling is to not to invest everything in one basket. In addition there are many games to choose from in any online casino. So, in an evening, a casino player can join many different wagers in many different games. 

In the investment jargon this allocation are of assets is called diversification. In fact, we consider casino players not as gamblers, but as investors. To be more precise, short-term investors who don’t have to wait for a long time to collect the returns on their investments. Not only are the returns form gambling can be collect quicker, moreover, they are also bigger in size.