Top casino background music maybe you do not know

By | October 26, 2019

The wave of casino gambling is pervading everywhere, weaving into movie productions and books and it is no surprise that many songs are also sourced from the industry.

Singers and poets are also interested in the excitement and danger from Las Vegas or other casinos. You can find quite a few songs as background music for your online casino experience.

Many online casino developers have added music options to give players the most complete experience. If you are looking for the right music for the next online casino game, refer to the following suggestions:

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

After Just Dance’s rapid popularity, the pop star quickly dominated TV channels with the hit “Poker Face”. Although the song has more meaning than just about poker or betting, Lady Gaga also brings the excitement as playing cards. With a catchy melody and a fast beat, your feet won’t be able to sit still. Lady Gaga’s Love of Poker is expressed throughout the song and is a piece of music that can help players be optimistic and use energy.


Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra had never been to the betting table, but the listener always admired his general understanding. Frank’s voice makes the song more meaningful than a gambler hoping to win to save his relationship. The song is about love and tragedy revolving around a casino table.


The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

The name of the song is quite clear: “Gambler”. The song is about the feelings of a gambler when the game is dramatic. A beautiful work by Kenny Rogers. A guy meets a gambler, asks about whiskey and cigarette prices, he gets advice. This song also refers to knowing where you sit and know where is the time to stop. Play the song if you need a reminder.


You spin me round – Dead or Alive

This is a song that brings many emotions and different meanings for each individual depending on the situation and the first image that appears when you listen. Most will think of a love affair when the opponent spins us around and jokes but in the casino, this can also be the background song for the game Roulette.


Bingo Bango – Basement Jaxx

While the lyrics don’t make much sense, they’re well worth the playlist when playing cards. With a catchy, fun tune, it can help boost the mood a bit without distracting too much.


For the online casino, you enjoy the convenience and comfort at home but also lose the bustling atmosphere when going to a casino. So immediately download popular songs from the casino for the most immersive betting experience.