Tips To Win Three Card Poker in Malaysia online casino

By | August 14, 2019

Have you tried to play Three Card Poker during the last week? If you do, I hope you had fun. Now, let’s continue with more information and tips that aid you in winning the game.

Online Three Card Poker Payouts

Online casinos provide gamblers with high chances of winning as much as USD 100,000 with a six-card bonus paytable which is achievable when the combination from both hands of the player and dealer is nine through Ace.

Tips To Win

In general, Three Card Poker has a small house edge at 3.3 percent if played optimally which can significantly increase with side bets or a bad strategy. If you want to avoid this, follow our tips below.

Never make a pair plus bet as it will increase the house edge by an additional 2.3 percent which is not good. It is a trap that causes you to dig deeper with the cover of high payout table. The huge payout of 40:1 ratio is a bait as it rarely happens. More often, you will end up losing more than winning. The best way is to follow the strategy and tactics that reduces the house edge.

Remember one strategic combination of cards.

It is such a simple and effective strategy in which you must only remember one combination of cards and all your decisions whether to place a bet or not will circle around it. You call if you have the combination, other than that you fold. When you learn to restrain yourself by calling unnecessary bets, you will realise that your chance of winning increase and three card poker is indeed a pretty simple game to play.

Where to Play Online Three Card Poker in Malaysia

Three card poker is a pretty popular poker variant in Malaysia, thus, it is offered by most online casinos. Just remember to check for trusted sites and the one that have the most generous offers and promotions including welcome bonuses, first deposit bonus, monthly rebates, and birthday bonuses, among others.