The betting rounds in poker in online casino (Part 2)

By | March 10, 2020

2. Straight Flush

It is also a card of the same suit, but there is no A and smaller, so it is smaller than the Clearing Bucket and if the two players have the same Straight, the player with the higher card wins no matter what.

3. Four of a kind

Next is 4 of the same cards that form a Quartet, if two players have the same Quartet then the one with the bigger card wins. 4 A card is the largest of the four quarters.

4. Full House

This set is a combination of a triple and a double. If two players have the same Cu, the person with the bigger three wins, if the three are equal (due to the same hand), the one with the bigger pair wins.

5. Flush – Barrel

5 cards of the same suit, if 2 players have the same suit, whoever has the bigger card wins.

6. Straight

5 cards form a set of 5 cards in a row, but not of the same suit, if two players have the same suit, the one with the bigger card wins.

7. Three of a kind

The player only has 1 set of 3 cards, if 2 of the same players have the 3-card hand, then considering the remaining 2 cards, the one with the bigger card wins, not the bigger one wins.

8. 2 pairs

2 pairs of 5 leaves. If two people have two pairs, then in turn consider the following criteria: Whoever has the bigger pair wins, if the big pair is equal, the next small pair, if the small pair is equal, consider the 5th card.

9. 1 pair (Pair)

Similar to 2 pairs, if there are 2 players with 1 pair, then the higher pair wins, if equal consideration of the remaining cards, the higher one wins.

10. High card

If all nine of the above cards do not belong to any series, then the player will choose the largest card to compare, whoever has the largest card will win the game and eat all POT money.

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