The assessment of dafabet online casino in Asia

By | February 5, 2020


Dafabet is Asia’s leading sports betting and gaming site. This site offers more than sports betting, it boasts many other online gaming products like online poker, online casinos (and live casino games), flash games and games. online betting of all kinds.

The company has more than 1,000 employees and its headquarters is located in Makati City, Philippines. Dafabet was founded in 2004 under a private investment brand and subsidiary AsianBGE.

Dafabet has also been involved in a number of sponsorships. The house has become the sponsor of the main club of Sunderland AFC, Celtic FC, Burnley FC and Blackburn Rovers FC, offering a 50% deposit and up to 80 euros as a registration bonus. is also Everton FC’s international gaming and betting partner.


After analyzing this betting site and history, the OpenOdds Dafabet sports betting review concluded that Dafabet is encouraged, offering a wide range of gaming and betting options.

The 80 euro signup reward makes itself worth a try and the frequency bonus of up to 100 euros shows Dafabet taking care of its loyal customers. The user interface is easy to navigate, making your betting experience simple and enjoyable.

But is Dafabet safe? Because this house is based in Asia, the security standards are different from European bookies. Another drawback is that there is no streaming option. However, all the other features explain the house’s success, especially in the Asian market: a great mobile platform, customer service and communication, good odds and Many game play options.

In a nutshell, the OpenOdds Dafabet sports betting review found that Dafabet has a lot to offer and is definitely a leading betting site, but there is still room for improvement. That’s why our OpenOdds team awarded this Dafabet review with a rating of 85 out of 100.

This Dafabet ranking shows it’s a betting bookmaker with some minor issues to keep in mind, like the security standards and streaming options, but overall, Dafabet is worth a try.