Review of Dafabet. Is it a reputable online casino? (Part 1)

By | February 13, 2020

Below are the reviews of dafabet Malaysia online casino. Let’s check out if it is a reputable one.


Dafabet’s payment method 7/10 points

Traditional methods are covered

Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards

Many electronic wallet options

Unfortunately, cannot guarantee safety

Dafabet’s deposit and withdrawal options for the UK are pretty standard for the industry. Payment processors, Skrill and Neteller, work with Visa and Mastercard and are popular in this area. While other bookmakers often offer more options to their customers, those chosen by Dafabet offer immediate deposits and withdrawals and are safe ways to send and receive money.

However, it is important to note that Dafabet is based in Asia and does not have to follow the same privacy regulations as in Europe. The OpenOdds team cannot find any encryption or verification software that other websites have, on its website. This means we cannot guarantee the security of your payments with Dafabet.

Depending on the payment method, withdrawal options range from GBP 10 to GBP 60,000. Deposits range from at least GBP 8.29 and up to GBP 60,000. Remember that deposits and withdrawals are made via credit card or e-wallet account, your personal information connected to this account must match the information you provided to Dafabet when you registered with website.

How safe is Dafabet? 7/10 points

Based in Asia

Regulations are different from Europe

Use encryption software

12 years of operation

A question to all bookmakers is: Is Dafabet safe? The answer is difficult. As we mentioned before, being an Asian company, Dafabet does not have to follow the rules we are familiar with in Europe.

This means that the site will not carry the approval mark from any government agency in Europe, like the seguro seguro described previously, currently it uses encryption software. That being said, the bookmaker’s ratings are usually high and Dafabet remains a leader in the world of sports betting, so it seems the company has been handling the financial safety of its customers for 12 years.