Progressive Jackpots: Worth a Punt or Better Avoided? (Part 1)

By | March 3, 2020

When you play online slots of any kind, you wish to win a significant prize. Maybe not a particularly huge prize, but something that worth your efforts, indeed. Where progressive jackpots are concerned, some of the awards on offer are borderline lucrative. In fact, strike it lucky when playing for progressive jackpots and you could be walking away with a life-changing sum.

Over the years, progressive jackpots have made many people became millionaires and billionaires which are beyond their wildest dreams. With the average online slot, you’d be amazed to take home a prize as modest as £100. With progressive slots, jackpots can often be as high as six or even seven figures.

Whatever your skills and preferences, it’s impossible not to be attracted by progressive jackpots. When they’re turning life-changing sums of cash in front of your face, the whole thing becomes impossible to resist. But does this mean that progressive jackpots are worth investing your time and money?

As an alternative, would you earn better spending your cash on other games such as fixed jackpot slots, rather than progressives?

What Are Fixed Jackpot Slots?
As the name tells, a fixed jackpot slot is a virtual or otherwise slot machine with a fixed top prize. For instance, let’s say the most you can get from any combination of symbols is £600. No matter how you play and how many people play the slot, you will never win more than £600 in a single payout.

This is the way the vast majority of online slots operate. They have a fixed jackpot defined on the pay-table, which is the biggest prize that players can win under any circumstances. Irrespective of how infrequently the slot pays out, you cannot win more than this as a jackpot prize. And every time somebody wins the jackpot, it remains at this same level – exactly £600.