Progressive Jackpots: Worth a Punt or Best Avoided? (Part 3)

By | March 17, 2020

A Question of Variance

Of course, none of the above should be considered as an indication if progressive jackpots aren’t worth your time. For one thing, there must be people being able to take home that top prize at some point. In addition, the enormous jackpot isn’t the only achievement to play for. More importantly, there’s the fun and recreational factor of the whole thing to take into account.

Determining whether or not progressives are right for you is as easy as considering your budget and level of risk taking. Every online slot has its own volatility and variance level. This refers to the possibility of the slot paying out a prize with any given spin. Some of slots pay out on a regular basis, though it tends to be modest with the sums up for grabs. By contrast, others go through surprisingly long times without paying out a penny, though are exceptionally more generous when they do.

The former one is low-variance, the latter one is high-variance slots.

In the case of progressive jackpots, you’re typically seeking for the highest-variance slots on the market. This means that while the available prizes are unbeatable in size, they’re also the most hard to access. With a progressive jackpot, players could easily find themselves playing for hours on end, without winning a dime.

On the plus side, when luck strike eventually, you could be looking at an impressive winning prize.

Are Progressive Jackpots Worth the Effort?

Realistically, only you know whether progressive jackpots are right for you. If you’ve the bankroll to spare and risk-taking attitude to cope with the highest-variance games, you’ll find incredible fun with progressive jackpots. Likewise, if you’re simply thinking of having a random spin to see if it’s your lucky day, go for it.

By contrast, anyone with a limited bankroll should probably not to play. Don’t forget a rule of thumb, the bigger the prize, the less likely you are able to walk away with it.