New Bingo Trends to Look Out For (Part 3)

By | February 25, 2020

Nowadays, not only does more mature players register to online casinos, they’re also spending more time and money playing bingo online on average.
Bingomation is a amazing new art form that mixed bingo with animation. In this way, the figures that are drawn are represented by short animated sequences, often based on the traditional rhyming slang used by bingo wagers.

It is becoming increasingly popular for bingo online sites to use these type of animations to spice up their games. The most famous project is an online collaborative one that invites artists to submit a five-second GIF on their chosen number.

Of course, these kinds of visual tweaks don’t make any significant difference to the game play itself. That said, they can certainly develop the better visual aspect of the average game of bingo, which in the eyes of modern players is of crucial importance.

Themed Events

Last but not least, part of the recent resurgence in interests in bingo may also be due to the themed nights that have been increasingly popular lately. Recent versions include Harry Potter bingo, the rave-inspired Bongo’s Bingo and drag queen bingo.

Just similar to the case with online slots, developers and service providers worldwide have acknowledged that they can quite effectively capitalise on the common interests on the bingo masses. Not only in the case of bingo games, but entire bingo series and virtual bingo rooms contributed to certain themes.

Without a doubt therefore, this is the biggest trend players can expect to see a lot more of over the years to come in the near future.

The Takeaway…

So it really no doubt to say that the public’s thirst for bingo is as high as ever. Once considered something of an old-fashioned form of gambling with limited access to all but equally old-fashioned players, bingo has proved itself to be the kind of timeless classical games we simply can’t get enough of!