Method of payment and topup at W88 online casino

By | January 29, 2020

If you want to participate in online betting games at the W88 dealer then you need to own a W88 account. After that, you must proceed to deposit money into your W88 account.

Deposit – Send money to the W88 house

To be able to fund your W88 account, we can apply various ways, such as follows.

Direct money transfer at branches/transaction offices of banks.

Transfer money via Internet Banking function.

Send money quickly with ATM/Visa/Master Card.

Transfer money via scratch card (currently no longer supported)

Normally, you should know the bank account information of the W88 dealer (via chat chat). Or you can access the information on the website of W88, and see more information in the deposit section. Follow the most convenient method of money transfer.

After successful transfer, remember to take a picture of the money transfer receipt and give it back to W88 for verification. Wait a few minutes, then your W88 account will update the existing amount.

Withdraw money at W88

After winning a lot of money from online betting games at W88 Malaysia online casino, what we were interested at the moment. This is exactly how to withdraw money from your W88 account.

Frankly speaking, when I first withdraw money at W88, I was bewildered just like you. I thought the withdrawal operation would be very complicated, but no one thought that withdrawing money was so easy.

Of course, you should also note some issues so that your account will not be locked and money withdrawn quickly.

Please transfer the funds you wish to withdraw into your main account. That is, when you participate in online casino, you will have an extra account (take money from the main account to transfer to the secondary account to have money to participate in betting).

After you win and want to withdraw money, you must transfer the amount you need to withdraw from the secondary account to the main account.

Fill in the information requested when conducting “withdrawal” at W88. Remember to enter all parameters correctly. Once completed, the money will be deducted from the main account and you just need to wait for the money to your bank account.