By | September 6, 2019

Online Slots games were set by default to allow the wheels to spin and then stop one at a time, starting from the left side. Therefore, players can see if they have won a payout, jackpot or trigger even before all slots reels stop by getting a particular result on the last reel voltage. But the animation of the ordinary online slots players can be a nuisance which slows down the game speed, and can become a disadvantage if the player has completed the game on auto play mode or take part in online tournaments. That is why, there is a need for more spin for a limited period.
Software providers have tried to provide customization options to make slots reels stop before – a Spin option. In order to enable it, players need to activate the Options tab and check Spin option and adjust for the spin to process a whole lot quicker. Be aware that slot game offers slow and medium speed.
In addition to that, in the Slots Strategies which can be accessed from the menu tab, you can activate the Turbo Play mode to reduce spin duration or to change a visual of spinning wheels. For instance, instead of stopping one by one, you can choose to stop all slots reels at the same time to make the game goes much faster. Players can also turn the wheels animation completely by unchecking Animation option.

As the Spin button is clicked on the wheels, the symbols are instantly and simultaneously changed and new payouts are awarded. When Autoplay is set to the minimum duration between spins under the automatic option, the slots reels stop the effect which is remarkable as the fast speed symbols keep on changing without spin movement. Online slot game offer three options of speed adjustment to the player instead of the usual two. Another advantage is that player can choose to adjust the speed settings directly from the game screen without having to navigate through all the menus.