Does the casino dealer cheat players?

By | October 13, 2019

“Does the casino house cheat on customers’ money?”. Let’s find out the answer in the article below.

There are many brothers playing a game of gambling with real money at the big international bookmakers in Malaysia such as M88, 188bet, W88 fear the house will interfere with the result. For example, 3-card baccart scratches, with 2 doors: player and banker. The dealer will consider which player the higher the bet is, then change the result so that the bet less wins.


Is the casino house scam?

That said, it does not mean that the dealer interferes with the results of a casino game or a game of football by a player. Simple example: Any one house in the world is not enough to interfere with the results of a football match in the biggest tournaments on the planet such as the Premier League, Spain, Euro, World Cup or C1 Cup. Therefore, the player who bet on the outcome of a match knows how soon after the match, the house cannot interfere.

What about Malaysian online casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, etc? The answer is no.


Dealer’s real-life casino gambling products are purchased from independent companies, these companies operate a casino, have real people deal and broadcast online video and sell for the bookie to integrate into its website. Usually, independent companies sell this product to different dealers. Therefore, sometimes you come in to play two houses, but you find the casino very similar. Actually it’s one, it’s just different from each house.

When a player places a bet, the dealer is completely unaware of which player places more bets, this data is only held by an independent company. Of course, the house also has no right to interfere with the outcome of any game.

So the casino has fraud but at what stage?

If a casino dealer cheats on customers’ money, they do it manually, rather than relying on sophisticated methods such as interfering with the outcome of the game as you think. That is, they will accuse customers of playing fraud, cross-betting, creating multiple accounts or using tricks and then holding winnings, permanently closing the player’s account.

With such blatant scams, the cheated customers will most likely report and report back on the betting forums. As long as 1-2 cases are the house of discredit, customers will stay away from the house for a long time, do not play anymore.


How to prevent house fraud?

If you do gamble for a long time, when you visit a website of a new house, most of you will be able to tell right away whether it is reputable or not. There are very basic signs to identify a scam dealer. However, the most basic way to identify whether a house is reputable or not, you should find the language support section on the website. International and reputable bookmakers operate in many different countries and support many different languages.