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Malaysian casino players just want to play at the best sites, but this can be a difficult thing as there are thousands of casinos that grab your attention. Here’s what our review team cares about, evaluating each online casino based on the most important factors so you don’t have to waste your time on junk information.

The blacklisted pages that you need to avoid

The purposes of online casinos are often not fixed, and not all casinos will be included in our top list of proposals. We closely monitor their performance, ensuring that every aspect is checked so you don’t have to waste time testing those online casinos.

These casinos do not meet our requirements, they will be put on a completely different list. Pages are blacklisted, which you should avoid altogether. Playing at these sites comes with a high level of risk and unnecessary when you consider the availability of top quality online casino sites.

Here are some of our important features

Safety & Security

Keep your personal and financial information secure so you can play it freely.

Customer support

Provide assistance to players if they encounter any problems.

Bonuses & Promotions

Provides stable free cash flow and game codes so you can enjoy playing cards longer.

Now that you know what our reviewers look for when they visit online casinos, you can focus on choosing your favorite games.

Variety of games

We provide you with information of slot machine games to Keno, attractive live Roulette, video poker and many other games available.

Licensed and Regulatory

We only export websites online that meet the strict rules, licenses, and authorizations associated with the corresponding gambling commission.

Pai Gow and Keno

Like all Malaysian favorite games available online for real money as well as free play options when you just want to have fun!