A Beginner’s Guide to Roulette – Getting Started (part 2)

By | November 11, 2019

Playing Roulette Online

Beginners should remember the first and most important step when playing roulette online, is to sign up with a reputable casino. In order to do so, you must read carefully reviews to determine which casino is 100% safe and verified as the real deal.

After that, it’s all about choosing the right roulette game, and for beginners, we recommend the ideal European roulette – also called French roulette; in which, the green space on the roulette wheel is slightly smaller with European roulette than it is with American roulette, that slightly reduces the house edge and increases the chance of winning.

When you actually play, it’s all about deciding how many to bet and placing them on the respective colours, numbers and sections of the table. A small trick for beginners is to stick with simple red or black bets, which present the highest odds of winning and make the introductory process easier. As soon as the chips are placed, the ‘Spin’ button is hit, it’s the game of waiting. 

Understanding the Odds

The key to succeeding in every game of roulette lies in whether or not you understand the odds. The matter of fact is that roulette revolves purely around chance and luck; hence, you have absolutely no influence over where and when the ball lands after decide where, when and how you place your bets, so it’s important to learn what’s what.

Another important thing with casino games is to know where to draw the line with regard to spending, how much to wager for winning and when to walk away. Above all these, you just try to remember that roulette is a fun and excitement game – not only about chasing big wins that very few gamers will ever have the chance to take home